Herbal Aromatic Salts

by Kat Sanchez, Guided Botanicals
December 2021

Various forms of smelling salts have been used for generations and for many reasons, not just what they were once popular for, which unfortunately included the use of harmful ingredients.

Aromatic botanicals like lavender and eucalyptus were the safer options used in earlier formulas and still stand as great allies to invite into an aromatic blend. There are so many ways we can make and use aromatic salt jars, thanks to the variety of botanical aromatics we can include. 

We can create aromatic blends to support anxiety, depression, night terrors, grief, and so much more! I like to keep my jar near my bed to awaken the aromatics to help me rest or before bedtime. My dreams have been very active recently, and I find this bedside approach helps set a dream scene that is more protected and guided. 

Below is a guide on how I made my blend that I thought I’d share to inspire you to create your own or to share with your community.

What you need
One package of sea salt, preferably big chunks, and please, not dead sea salt

Aromatic plants of choice, dried

Ethically sourced essential oil, optional

Large glass jar

Smaller airtight jars/bottles


Chop up plants, then crush them up to help release their volatile oils (I used homegrown CA Fragrant Pitcher Sage and Hummingbird Sage). After that, it’s up to you how much dried plant matter you would like to add to your blend. I go off of the scent when determining the quantity to add in. 

Place the salt and crushed plants in a large jar for you to shake the salt and herbs together daily. You want a lot of space for extra movement and releasing of the aroma within the jar.

Let infuse for 3-4 weeks or a complete moon cycle. 

You can add a few drops of ethically-sourced essential oil if you want. Although you only need a few drops for this, you can easily go overboard here, so remember to use some caution and build instead of flood your aroma.

Now, store the finished salts in an airtight, labeled glass bottle/jar for use. Leave space at the top, so you don’t spill any salt while opening your container. 

To use, shake your airtight bottle, carefully remove your lid and let your jar sit open to allow the scent to fill the room, or you can smell the salts for a more potent experience.

Remember always to close your bottle/jar. The sooner you do, the longer your scent will last. You can then use the salts in a bath or foot bath once you are done using them as herbal aromatic salts.

As mentioned, I want to emphasize that you can successfully craft this without the use of essential oils. You just need to ensure you are using highly aromatic plants.

I hope you enjoy this fun, easy, and accessible herbal craft and remedy!

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