Earth connection, craft, & care guided by our natural, spiritual, & cosmic worlds.

Kat Sanchez, creator of Guided Botanicals, is a first-generation mixed Chicana with Balkan & Irish ancestry born and raised in Kizh Land, Whittier, CA. She is a garden guide, herbalist, aromatherapist, & artisan who has been growing healing gardens for 20+ years.

Kat enjoys inspiring and guiding community in remembering their connection to the land and traditional healing through her writings and in-person knowledge shares. 

While also crafting for Guided Botanicals and her home apothecary Kat believes in empowering people to create their herbal remedies and magical potions from mindfully sourced ingredients. She offers herbalism & garden guidance from a foundation that honors local native ecosystems.

Kat invites you to stay up to date with her knowledge shares, aromatherapy services, herbal remedies, and curios that are both practical and magical by receiving, The Guided.

Below is a list of highlighted learning experiences. Many of Kat’s learnings come from the ancestral realm and her mother, Eva, who was a traditional Mexícan herbalist.

2010: UCCE LA Victory Gardener

2011: UCCE LA County Master Gardener

2012: Wild Gardening course series with Arborist Darren C. Butler

2014: Soil, Composting, & Biofiltration workshop series with Nance Khelm

2013 – on going: Various western herbalism courses on energetics

2018: The HedgeSchool, Sisters of Rock & Root with Sharon Blackie

2018: Alchemy Panel Discussion with Cathy Skipper, Dr. Florian Birkmayer, John Steele, and Roxana Villa

2018: California Edible Native Plant Workshop with Barbara Drake, Tongva elder and medicine woman

2018: Native Plant Propagation with Antonio Sanchez

2021: Aromatherapy Certification Course, The School for Aromatic Studies

Kat has led several gardening and herbalism workshops over the years. From the LA County Arboretum to local parks, community gardens, university classrooms, and plant nurseries; she’s had a wide range of experiences that have enriched her teaching approach. Her earth care, craft, and cultivation are guided by our natural, spiritual, and cosmic worlds.

Kat is also a writer for Gardener’s Path, you can read her articles here.