Earth connection, craft, & care guided by our natural, spiritual, & cosmic worlds.

Kat Sanchez was born and raised in Whittier, California (Kizh land). A gardener for 20 years, she honors her three ancestral bloodlines and the ancestors of the land by writing, seed keeping; growing edible, medicinal, and native plants; and through her approach to herbalism that reclaims and celebrates traditional remedies and practices. Rooted in this ancestral wisdom and guided by nature, her work helps foster connection, community, and care.

Katalín, as her mother called her, first experienced herbalism through her Mexícan *immigrant mother who grew up on plantations, ranchos, gardens, and before she passed away, the suburbs. One of the first herbs Kat grew as a teen was Epazote. Her mother was so proud and surprised when Kat harvested the herb and added some to a pot of beans.

From a very young age, Kat also spent a lot of time with her South Slavic immigrant grandmother. A gardener who loved tomatoes, apricots, lilies, and roses, she guided Kat on how to take care of the local elders’ gardens and how to properly visit a graveyard.

Kat traces her Celtic ancestry all the way back to a 17th-century Druidic priestess, Eileen O’Dower. Traditional stories recount that Eileen casted spells from a nearby castle during battles against English colonizers. Her people then ascended into the hills until it was safer to descend a century later. Perhaps Eileen’s spells still guide in some way today. Kat’s Irish ancestry comes from her father, Robert.

Having experienced grief and loss as a teen, Kat tried to learn as much as she could about the spiritual world in relation to her cultural backgrounds. During this journey, she was reminded about the healing power of ancestral knowledge. Her practices deepened through plant spirit medicine guides like the plants themselves, traditional foods, flower essences, ritual oils, candle dressing, and incense burning.

In her 20s, Kat found herself back in the garden, healing while tending the soil, growing heirloom seeds that resonated with the local land and her cultures, and making traditional herbal remedies. She also attended several western herbalism classes and events. Those experiences guided her towards the wisdom that she was already carrying. Kat believes in holding safe and accessible spaces for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and multi-cultured allies where we can be guided to remember our ancestral herbal, gardening, and spiritual practices and share in community.

As her gardens have evolved, so have her methods. While delving deeper into alchemy and aromatherapy, Kat observed a need to shift the myths and popularity of essential oils — an industry that practices severe extractive methods — back towards more ethical aromatic healing practices. Kat crafts with plants from her garden and other local gardens/small farms. She also sources all her carriers from local ethical suppliers. From hydrosols to oils, essences, and candles, each offering she makes tells the story of the plant that offered their guidance.

Energetic medicine and alchemy have also led Kat to paths of transformative healing and justice. Every day she continues to learn how her garden and herbal knowledge can help serve and guide community healing.

Guided Botanicals is committed to sharing accessible information that inspires the resilience of community herbalism and gardening. We honor the land by tending and by building relations that celebrate interconnection and interdependence. We believe that every community should have access to seeds, plants, vibrant herbs, fresh food, natural healing spaces, accessible educational resources, somatic services, and psychological support. We also believe that every community should support the gardens and herbalists that are committed to this kind of work in whatever capacity they can.

We learn the most when we are in community with each other and with nature and the cosmos as our guide. Kat is grateful to you for gracing this space, and looks forward to guiding and growing together.

* Kat’s mother was born in Mexíco City and migrated to > Veracruz > Tijuana > Whittier, with earlier matriarchs from Tabasco, MX (land of the Olmec).

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