Welcome to Guided Botanicals

Thank you for visiting, I hope this is just the first time of many in which you grace this space with your engagement. As a community herbalist rooted in growing, I look forward to sharing in community with you through the various platforms I intend to cultivate online and offline.

In this space you will find writings guided by nature and the cosmos, interviews highlighting local herbalists and gardeners, trusted community resources, project and event updates, recipes, gardening tips and Guided Botanicals future line.

Guided Botanicals is committed to sharing accessible information that inspires the resilience of community herbalism and gardening. We honor the land by tending to it and by building relations that celebrate interconnection and interdependence. We believe that every community should have access to seeds, plants, vibrant herbs, fresh food, natural healing spaces, accessible educational resources, somatic services, and psychological support. We also believe that every community should support the gardens and herbalists that are committed to this kind of work in whatever capacity they can.

We are so excited for our future highlights and offerings and invite you to look around the website and to contact us with any feedback you may have.

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Land Acknowledgement
Guided Botanicals respectfully acknowledges the Indigenous people of this land, the Tongva, and all surrounding Indigenous nations who have stewarded nature and community for generations and who continue to do so for future generations.